Our Vision

The Family Approach to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Jerome Stevens Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a family owned and operated pharmaceutical manufacturer of prescription tablet and capsule formulations.

Established in 1979 as a manufacturer of vitamin and over-the-counter preparations, JSP has always prided itself on product quality and safety. In 1987, JSP made the transition to prescription manufacturer with its first generic FDA approval of Cephalexin Monhydrate capsules, USP. Shortly thereafter, in 1990, JSP began its research into manufacturing generic Levothyroxine Sodium tablets, USP, and Digoxin tablets, USP. Both products presented manufacturing challenges. Nevertheless, the efforts of JSP resulted in superior quality products when compared to most of the products marketed at the time. In 1997, as a result of a Federal Registration Notice; JSP began work on its New Drug Application (NDA) for Levothyroxine Sodium tablets.

Although faced with a great many bureaucratic obstacles, in August 2000, JSP was the first company in the industry to receive FDA approval for the first branded Levothyroxine product, Unithroid®.

As the reference drug, JSP began a national distribution agreement that continues today with a leading pharmaceutical distributor.

Operating exclusively in The United States, JSP maintains the same quality that has been a staple of it’s history. This stellar history of product quality continues to allow JSP to manufacture the safest products on the market. However, JSP is always looking to bring more quality products to the consumer. JSP has prided itself on being one of the few pharmaceutical manufacturing companies that will not sacrifice product quality for mere quantity.

To date, billions of tablets later, JSP continues to manufacture superior quality products and is still family owned and operated. The extreme pride and satisfaction in the quality of the products that we make is the driving force behind this growing company.

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